Resilience #3  - Hope 

"Vänd mot solen" (in swedish)... Facing  and praying to the sun which gives hope and trust for the future. Better days are coming, hold on to that! 
With this serie of brons sculptures I want to viusalise that we, human beings are able to overcome many hardships in life. We are able to lift us up and find the power within ourselves to carry on. 

Thanks for all the warm and sincere emotions that you've shown when listening to my thoughts and feelings behind this serie. 
That my sculptures can evoke such reactions warms my soul and artists heart!


My new serie of 4 brons sculptures named and insprired by mankinds´ "Resilience" 
This sculpture is "Resilience #1".

“Life is at times filled with suffering, despair

Alternated by hope, joy

Cling to nothing, for life is fleeting,

Keep faith in mankind’s resilience, always!”

Especially in times like this, with all the things going on in te world, it's necessary to keep in mind that we have the power to overcome great hardships, tragedies.... let's keep remembering ourselves just that! 


I love the body language of dancers and I´m at the same time impressed of their body control. Stretching is one of their routines to keep flexible and to prevent injuries.
Maybe time to make it into a routine myself.... but I can assure you, this is not a self-portrait!  :-) 

Modern dans 

This brons danser with green patina is inspired by modern dans. The lines, the spaces between the legs and arms reminds me also about the Art Deco period and its statues. This brons statue is also casted in dark brown patina, which gives it a different look. 

"Free Spirit"

A new brons sculpture in my serie dancers... Dancing frees the spirit and makes you feel that anything is possible! 
Let's try to hold on to that feeling of "Free Spirit", now even more than ever!   

Pregnant - Gravid 

How precious is life! As a new to-be-mum you instantly feel life is a miracle when you feel your baby's little feet kicking as if it's ready to join the world......

Sorg - Despair - Resilience 

A new serie of sculptures are now casted.... The serie symbolises the process of grief, despair, followed by hope and joy. They are casted in green patina and brown patina.  

CARMEN __ brons

Some of my dancers are now also availabe in brons! The sculptures are casted in limited editions (max 6 or 12) for I want them to stay unique! In that way you are guaranteed that you have a unique SnoecK sculpture!
The picture gallery in the middle illustrate the sculptures now available in brons.
More to come soon!

A movement, the position of a hand or head, the way a body curves tells you so much more than words...
It instantly evokes an emotion and the greatest part is that this differs between people, based on own experiences and the way they percieve the world.  
I get inspired by people that tell a story. Whether it's a captured movement of unbounded youth or the wisdom in old faces or bodies, the effect that this has on me is something that I cannot ignore. It inspires me to translate my feelings into a portrait or sculpture ...
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