October                           Exhibition at the "Gamla Rådhuset" in Laholm 
            During the whole mont I will be exhibiting with 3 other colleague artists in Gamla Rådhuset in Laholm.                                                             
         Opening days:  thursday - friday from 13.00-18.00 and saturday from 10.00 - 14.00.

Sept 4-5-6                       "Konstrundan Halland" - at my Konstrundans adress: Edenberga 503, Edenberga
                                             (more information incl. adress app. : Konstrundan i Halland

August 16                        Music and Art, a co-operation with Charlotte Polson, at Vallinge Kyrka, Varberg  

July 2 - 4                          Exhibition Blåhallen, Höganäs

May 21-July 26              10th Anniversary Exhibition at Galleri 70 - more information at http://galleri70.se/

May 21-24                      "Konstrundan Halland" / Exhibition with Konstliv Halland"  
 --- CANCELLED because of Corona virus.
April 30 - May 30            Exhibition "Härkonst" in Halmstad Konsthall. Different artists will exhibit some of  their  work                  Opening on "Vallberg".

Jan 31 - feb 9                 Theme exhibition at Krapperup Kontshall. The theme is "SPORT". Different techniques and forms of  art will          be exhibited.  

jan-dec                              Permanent exhibition at "Hangar 70" (Skepparegatan i Halmstad).
                                             This art gallery is a cooperation between artists with different backgrounds, techniques and forms of  art.          Look for more information at "Hanger 70"